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Fall in love with the person

Who enjoys your madness

Not an idiot

Who force you to be normal


Love Sms

If a pakistani ever goes to the moon

His/her first response after coming

Back to earth would probably be,

Kisi ne pani tak nai pocha


Funny sms

No matter what is going on

In your life

Never lose hope in ALLAH


islami sms

Best friends are

Sometimes closer than

Blood relatives


Friendship sms

What do noodles and women have in common?

They both wiggle when you eat them


Adult sms

If you do not struggle

You do not improve


Motivational Quotes

Kaash mere girlfriend ko pata hota ke

Mai uska boyfriend hu 😛 😀


Boys Vs Girls sms

Life has many different chapters for us

One bad chapter does not mean it is the

End of the book

!! Good Morning !!


Good Morning sms

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