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Ye ho halka halka surur hai

Ye tere nazar ka kasoor hai


2 Lines Poetry

Be with someone who gives you

The same feeling as when you see

Your food coming at a restaurant


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I am loyal

And no matter how many times my loyalty

has been abused,

That is one characteristic of mine

I will never change.


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Life Tip:

When nothing goes right,

Go to sleep


Life Quotes

Worrying is wasting energy on the things

You cannot control

Trust everything to ALLAH :)


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Smile because it confuses people

Smile because it is easier than explaining

What is killing you inside.


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If you want your relationship to work,

Constantly remind yourself that the other

Is more significant than you


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Jab kisi ke bohat yaad aa rahe ho

Aur ap usse baat kerne ka haq be nai rakhte

To bahut rona aata hai


Yaad Poetry

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