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Women just call me ugly

untill they know how much money i make

When they find it out, They call me ugly and poor 😛 😀


Fool sms

Ajeeb tamasha hai mitti se banay logon ka,

Bewafayi karo tou rotay hain

Aur wafa kero tou rulatay hain


Dard bhari shayari

The past should be the past

It can destroy the future

Live life for what

tomorrow has to offer

Not for what yesterday has taken away

!! Good Night !!


Good Night sms

Prophet (P.B.U.H) said:

A time will come when one will not

Care how one gains one is money

legally or illegally

[Sahih Bakhari]


islami sms

Teacher: Kal homework na kar ke aye tou murgha banaonga

Bhai: Alright mai naan or coke sath leta aonga 😛 😀


Student sms

EK sacha dost na hi khud soyega

Aur na he tumhe araam se sone dega.


Dosti Poetry

Nazar andaaz ker dete hai mujh ko wo kuch aise

H.R ke pass perhe ho mere C.V jaise 😛 😀


Mazahiya shayari

Fall in love with the person

Who enjoys your madness

Not an idiot

Who force you to be normal


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