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Maths and women are

the 2 most complicated things in world

But maths at least has some logic


Husband Wife Sms

Husband: I found Aladin lamp today.

Wife: wow, what did u ask for darling?

Husband: I asked him to increase your brain ten times

Wife: oh darling love u so much. Did he do that?

Husband: He laughed and said multiplication does not apply on zero!!


Husband Wife Sms

A woman is driving 1st time on the highway.

Her husband calls and says.

Be careful love, it is just been on the radio that

some one is driving opposite to the traffic

on the highway

She replies: Someone..?????

These rascals are in hundreds !!!!!


Husband Wife Sms

A women worries about her

Future until she gets a husband,

A men never worries about his future

Until he gets a Wife


Husband Wife Sms

A woman can always tell if a man

Loves her by how much time he is

Willing to invest

Money spent is meaningless

But time spent is priceless


Husband Wife Sms

The relationship between husband

And wife is very psychological

One is psycho and the other is logical

Now please do not try to figure out

Who is Who


Husband Wife Sms

When a wife has a good husband

It is easily seen on her face


Husband Wife Sms

Everytime you talk to your wife

You should always remind yourself


This conversation will be recorded

for training and quality purposes 😛 😀


Husband Wife Sms

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