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When everyone else might abandon you

ALLAH will still be there for you

That is love


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A class topper goes for a job interview

Interviewer: So what is your special ability?

Applicant: Iski to slides mam ne de he nai the 😛


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Music can change the world

Because it can change people

Good Night


Good Night sms

I just wanna sit on rooftop with

Someone at 2 AM and just look at the night sky,

Not worrying about anything going on in life


Good Night sms

I love straightforward people

It makes life so much easier


Decent messages

Teacher: Why your paper is blank?

Me: Sometimes silence is the best answer 😀


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We have three types of friends in life:

Friends for a reason

Friends for a season and

Friends for a lifetime


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Doctor: Can you show me where the pain is coming from

Girl: *Shows a text that has been seen with no reply * 😛


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