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Worrying is wasting energy on the things

You cannot control

Trust everything to ALLAH :)


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Smile because it confuses people

Smile because it is easier than explaining

What is killing you inside.


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If you want your relationship to work,

Constantly remind yourself that the other

Is more significant than you


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Respect people feelings

Even if it does not mean

Anything to you

It could mean

Everything to them

!! Good Night !!


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When everyone else might abandon you

ALLAH will still be there for you

That is true love


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Having a female/male

Best friend is rather much

More better than having a girlfriend/boyfriend


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Goal of New Year:

1. Lies to you
2. Disrespects you
3. uses you
4. Puts you down


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Friend 1: I bought a guitar that tells time

Friend 2: How does it work, bro?

Friend 1: Everytime i play it, my neighbors screams

It is 2 AM, Idiot 😛 😀


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