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Always trust in

ALLAH Timing


islami sms

Sunny Leone: Mere next movie horror hai

Boys: Dar tu apki pehly ke movies main be

Lagta tha kehen pechy say Mummy, papa na aa jayein 😉 😛


Adult sms

Good girls are found in

Every corner of the earth

But, unfortunately earth is round 🙂


Funny sms

Nothing is more dangerous

Than a person with broken heart

and smiling face


Sms Messages

I have learned

More in the streets

Than in any classroom


Good Luck sms

Sometimes you have to

Forget whats gone

Appreciate what still remains

Look forward to

Whats coming next

!! Good Night !!


Good Night sms

Interviewer: What are your future plans?

Me: Lunch

Interviewer: I meant long term plans

Me: What, like dinner?


Fool sms

Sometimes you just have

To move on and put that

Chapter of Life in the past

Do not close the book

Just turn the page

!! Good Morning !!


Good Morning sms

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