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The people whose first instinct

is to smile when you make an eye contact

with them are some of earths grreatest teasure


Sms Messages

Pathan ne paper de raha tha

Larka: Khan saab apki naqal mar lu?

Pathan: Tum hamari naqal maar lo lekin

Baad mein hum tumhari asal maary ga 😛 😉


Adult sms

Boy: I love you

Girl: I need some time and distance

Boy: Kiyo velocity nikalni hai?


Boys Vs Girls sms

Monsters do not sleep under your bed

They sleep inside your head


Good Night sms

ALLAH has time to listen

Do you have time to pray?


islami sms

Stop listening to people

Because they do not live your life

Stop Judging people because you do

Not live their life


Decent messages

Sometimes i just want someone

to Hug me and say. I know it is hard

You are going to be okay.

Here is chocolate and 6 million dollars 😛 😉


Fool sms

The best teacher in the world is

That friend who teaches you everything

20 minutes before an exam


Friendship sms

Send Free SMS in Pakistan