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English is a language

Not a measure of intelligence


Decent messages

My boss asked me to start

The presentation with a joke

I attached Pay Slip on the first slide 😉


Funny sms

When you hurt by the person

Who is very close to you

Do fight with him/her

Because sometimes fight saves relation

But being silent just increases gaps

!! Good Night !!


Good Night sms

The problem with good guys is,

Does not matter how many times

A girl hurt them,

Whenever she will ask they will still be

There to help her


Boys Vs Girls sms

Relations are like electric currents

Wrong connection will give you shocks

Throughout your life,

But the right ones will light up your life


Love Sms

1 smile can start the friendship

1 word can end a fight

1 look can save a relationship

1 person can change your life


Decent messages

The nature has music

For those who listen


Decent messages

If your absence does not affect them

Your presence never mattered


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