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Sir: What is the value of X ??

Studentd: Sir, Jaan the woh mere


Funny sms

Maturity is not when we start speaking BIG things,

It is when we start understanding small things.


Decent messages

It is nice when someone holds umbrella

For you in the rain. But it is

Most wonderful if someone holds your hand

and run crazily with you in the rain


Love Sms

Husband: baby tumhara kabhi dil nai kerta

ke tum mard hote

Wife: Kiyo, Aaj tumhara gaand marwane ka man

kar raha hai kiya? 😛 😀


Adult sms

If you do not want responsibility

Do not sit in the big chair

TO be successful

You must accept full responsibility


Sms Messages

Girl: Tu hasta nai hai kia?

Boy: Kiy?

Girl: tera hasty hue koi photo nai hai

Boy: tu nahati nai hai kia?? 😛 😉


Adult sms

True love and royal friends

are two of the hardest things to find


Friendship sms

You do not decide your future

You decide your habits and your

habits decide your future

!! Goor Night !!


Good Night sms

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