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The main purpose of funny Urdu poetry is to make the reader laugh. It is the creative comedy people believe that the poets who write funny poetry are the most creative poets just like all people cannot tell a good joke similarly all poets cannot write Urdu funny poetry.
We can use funny Urdu poetry for many different purposes. We can be used it as a birthday gift or in a get well card, valentine card or to embarrass someone or something and for many other purposes. There is no limit to how the it must be written in the form of joke when a poet is starting the process of writing. Urdu Funny poetry can also be written about something or someone in a comedy style. It can be about a Government policy or about bugs in an apartment.
There are many forms of poetry and funny Urdu poetry is one of the most popular one. We can expect this poetry to grow as long as there are poets writing funny poetry. Funny poetry has been around for many years and it is a great form of poetry to learn about. If you are not familiar with Urdu language than you may have trouble reading it because it is normally design for those that can read Urdu and not for those that are only English speaking. Funny Urdu poetry can teach us to respect other forms of art and to learn about them whenever you can. Many people are not aware of what this can be for them and what benefits learning a new funny poetry can do for them. There are many things that learning this Urdu poetry can do for us.
Funny Urdu poetry can also be used as a gift for the Valentine’s Day. It can be used to surprise your partner and make your partner laugh. Due to this it will be remember for many years to come. Most of us people do not really bother to think of a new idea for the Valentine’s Day. Using this for the Valentine’s Day is a great idea to be unique because nothing is more fun than laughter and we can give this gift to your partner on a special day. A funny Urdu poetry that will make your partner laugh will make your day more memorable and special More on Funny Urdu Poetry Sms .

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  1. […] of us fill do not truly pain to anticipate of a new design for the valentine’s day.Using Funny Poetry In Urdu for the valentine’s day is a uppercase thought to be single because nix is more fun than […]

    March 25, 2012

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