Best Eid Wishes Sms

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What has the power to make an ordinary day and I must say without ado that the feeling of having company even if it’s virtual is awesome. Likewise eid wishes sms adds to what perhaps is already a very special day but on top of it all brings even people who you cannot meet together. Yea no one would have thought that there greeting cards would be substituted with messages but honestly who would undermine the joy the change has brought and so with the help of eid wishes sms, one cannot only select a group of wish recipients but in fact a whole community of friends and families.

I frankly love to see tens of waiting messages in my inbox that I get from my friends on eid days. Such eid wishes sms like I said above make them so close to me that even them being with their families and me with mine, we stay connected and a part of how things are going for each other. Whether it’s just few words or a whole bunch of paragraphs over couple of length of messages I wouldn’t care as long as it’s there. Turns out am joined by many who love their cell phones beeping with such greeting messages.

Well now when I have turned my focus towards the content, eid wishes sms got hell variety guys. Dedicated users from all over the country are like intently making colorful and meaningful drawings, writing stanzas of poems, big highlighted alphabets, you name it mate and I can assure you, you will find such message out there. Fact turns out to be there’s hell lot of imagination that comes out in the form of such greeting messages and the potential really got no barriers and boundaries. One just need to express whatever that comes into their minds and what better way to put it than a message which spreads like fire.

From the eve of chand raat for choti eid and the sighting of moon of zilhaj, eid wishes sms go out of control fell as…lol… well who would want to be the last one to send a greeting to others. The race to beat all others becomes a healthy competition too and frankly it’s fun to talk about it later as well that my message was sent first and or who made a better moon or an animal. The whole point comes out as just sharing and simply sharing and who would deny others such wonderful blessing.

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Do you know the Meaning of EID???
I think it means ENJOY in DUNIYA!!
So, In your life all moments bring EID for you….


Missing you alot on this Eid
Missing you a lot on this Eid.
Wishing you were here to celebrate this holy occasion with me.
Happpppy Eid Mubarik


The moon has been sighted
The samoosas are ready
Here comes EID so just go steady
Lots of dua’s is all i request
and just wanted to wish you all the BEST!!!
Eid Mubarak


Look Outside
Its so pleasant!
Sun Smiling For you
Trees Dancing for you
Birds singing for you
Because I requested them All to wish You
**..*EID MUBARAK*..**

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